Witchcraft and Devil worship in Ireland


Missing Persons Ireland  

A pentagram--- the sign of witches or devil worshippers

Have you seen this sign painted on walls?

Letter to Austen Currie TD

Letter sent to Irish member of parliament Austen Currie TD , in November 1996. If ever my case is properly and openly investigated , many so-called "elected representatives, clergy and police in Ulster and the Republic of Ireland will be exposed for their weakness, incompetence and some for their complicity in covering up the crimes of e'litist witches !


The Story of Jacque, "Witchcraft in Ireland"

A brief essay which I wrote to outline my bitter experiences and discoveries in Ulster and the Republic of Ireland , between August 12th 1994 onto the present day!


Satanic Symbolism on Irish TV-

What appears to be Illuminati ( e'litist satanic secret socities) symbolism first appeared on Irish TV (RTE) earlier this year!


Satanists plot Child Sacrifice

The first Irish expose' in 1996 , highlighted by former Labour TD John Mulvihill , clearly demonstrated that witchcraft in Ireland involved human sacrifice!


Dame Alice Kyteler

An account of witchcraft in Kilkenny from the middle ages to the present day activities of Kilkenny witches , which is considerable!


The Hellfire Club


The history of the Hellfire Club in Ireland which clearly shows that the Anglo-Irish landed gentry were and ARE still very active in witchcraft in Ireland!

Irish Rape Crisis Centres

The Irish Rape Crisis Centres have been at the forefront in exposing child abuse and satanic abuse in Ireland!


Sarah Bland

The Sarah Bland case involved witchcraft and satanic abuse! This case will someday , when fully exposed , undo the evil strangle hold which the self indulgent Irish establishment e'litists have on Irish society!

WB Yeats Satanist


WBYeat's interest in the occult has been portrayed as something harmless and benign but when one looks closer , all the indications show that he was deeply involved in devil worship! Once again , his friendship with the Irish landed gentry , ie, Lady Gregory and others , demonstrates the widespread interest in devil worship in Ireland , involving the gentry !

My expose' Sunday People

I had a front page expose' in the Irish Sunday People on the 21st September 1999. It was headed; "New clues to kidnap killing!" The article included a column , featuring Fiona Neary ,which confirmed that the Irish Rape Crisis Centres are keenly involved in their efforts to expose satanic ritual abuse involving rich and powerful people.


Clonegal Castle Witches

The Robertson family , Lord Strathloch and sister Olivia , are the famous or infamous Clonegal Witches. They proclaim that they are "white witches" but this is untrue because they worship the evil deity of ISIS, the Eygptian god of death and of the moon!


Satanism and the Born Agains

An examination of the Born Again movement in the USA and around the world . The facts and statistics show that the Born Again Christians attract an unusually high percentage of killers and satanists! This is no coincidence! It can be shown that the international Born Again movement leads back to the US and the CIA!


The Phillip Cairns Case

My sources within the Born Again cult, with it's USA connections , tell me that Phillip Cairns was sacrificed in a satanic ritual , a human sacrifice! I am the second person to go public proclaiming that Phillip Cairns was abducted by a religious cult in 1986!


Former Satanist flees Ireland

A member of an Irish coven flees Ireland after the coven members demand that he bring his children to their witchcraft rituals where they would certainly be sexually abused and possibly much worse!


KK Satanic Nazi Imagery

Kilkenny community elders brazenly display huge satanic/nazi photos by the controversial Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein on the sides of city buildings despite protests by city workmen! The Kilkenny elders sympathetic and liberal approach to Helnwein and his photos could indicate a preference for everything macabre and possibly witchery!



When someone goes missing

A study which could help people understand how people can "disappear off the face of the earth" , leaving no obvious trails or leads .


darkplaces2001guest . This is an explicit article on Satanic Ritual Murder!

Warning! Warning! This will upset many! A graphic account of what takes place in a ritual sacrifice , human sacrifice!

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Sacrifice ,"Human" , and the religions!





If anyone doubts the existence of witchcraft and covens in Ireland and worldwide, here is proof that covens are active throughout Irish society and the world!

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This site proclaims that it has over 41,000 witches who are listed on it's site. It gives one an idea how many more there are out there!

This is the tip of the iceberg!

The next point of issue is;

"how many of these witches are involved in black magick, how many are involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse, how many are involved in human sacrifice?"

Are we to believe that all witches are "White Witches" , as many would wish us to think? The witches interest in everything pertaining to the "darker " aspects of spirituality , the occult , life and the secrets of the mind , instills in us , those who do not "dabble", the suspicion that they are up to no good!

In medieval times , "witchcraft" was accepted without reservation by the poor and rich alike. Nowadays are socalled "betters", in government and amongst the establishment , would have us believe witchcraft is a myth and only to found in fairy tales!

This is a deliberate deception!

Goddess Brigid Altar

This site explains the early origins of the Irish Christian Church which largely amalgamated paganism and christianity so much that we have all been conned into thinking that the Irish Church is not pagan! The Irish RC Church is not alone with it's links with Brigid. The Church of Ireland has many parish churches named after "Brigid".